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  1. wow Marcy! I did a project that entailed de-constructing my former oak entertainment thing-y. Bought an extremely inexpensive glass, black metal modern looking tv stand, to get rid of a space hog.
    as I looked at it, hmmm.. took out my drill, took off the doors, hinges, tore out a few boards and then flipped it on end.,.. it became a book shelf.. HA ha ha… should have taken photos of that project.

  2. You'd never guess this was the same piece of furniture! The contact paper insert really sets it apart and makes it unique. As a DIYer myself, I'd be interested in seeing more of your projects. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Cheryl! It does make a big difference for a very small cost. And if you get tired of the pattern, it's easy to remove and change!