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I'm pleased to announce I have completed a novel, titled "Happy, Indiana." After many drafts, I workshopped the book over coffee with some wonderful, truthful friends, who helped me see some ways to make it better. I did another revision, then polished it up, and sent it out to my list of dream agents. I love this book, and I hope they will, too, and then I hope to have it published so all of you can read it!

The waiting game can be soul-crushing, so it's important to immediately get to work on more writing projects. I just finished an essay on the heredity of imagination that's forthcoming in Salon. I'm also planning to write a few short stories, mostly to remind myself how fun they are (it's much easier to get 25 pages right, versus the 300 of a novel). In the meantime, take a look at one of the stories in my collection, "Paradise." Here's "Useful Skills," published in the Santa Fe Writers Project Journal.

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